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In the news this week

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July 7, 2014: Kentucky strengthens their data breach reporting requirements.


July 8, 2014: Medical identity theft is growing and becoming very difficult to track.


July 8, 2014: A Missouri school district informs more than 10,000 people of a data breach.


July 9, 2014: One-third of IT security pros in Europe are sending data outside their organizations without encryption.


July 9, 2014: Reconfiguration of a server exposes 6,800 patients online, which results in a HIPAA violation and $4.8 million settlement.


July 10, 2014: Homeland Security official: Hackers may have breached the federal government's personnel office.


July 10, 2014: A recent survey finds that information protection is losing its high-priority status.


July 11, 2014: The Federal Trade Commission estimates that 400,000 Americans last year had their mail stolen and became identity theft victims.