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In the news this week

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July 14, 2014: Security architect says data breach disclosure laws are overdue and will bring New Zealand in line with what’s happening elsewhere.


July 15, 2014: Data breaches cost N.Y. businesses $1.37 billion last year.


July 16, 2014: Will Florida lead the pack in data breach notification laws?


July 17, 2014: Chicago's attorney general and the National Consumer League call for a federal data breach law.


July 17, 2014: As of July 15, ITRC recorded 404 data breaches with 11,054,654 records exposed.


July 18, 2014: Patient records were breached and now the Alabama hospital is facing a class action lawsuit.


July 18, 2014: A Texas couple steals more than 50,000 pieces of mail and faces charges of identity theft, conspiracy and bank fraud.