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In the news this week

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July 21, 2014: Child advocates say foster youth are vulnerable to identity theft because they bounce between homes, giving a lot of adults access to their private info.


July 21, 2014: Three members of an identity theft ring were arrested after stolen mail and personal files were discovered in their homes.


July 22, 2014: Teens’ files were left in an abandoned school in Scotland.


July 22, 2014: Goodwill investigates a large data breach.


July 23, 2014: Plaintiffs push to continue the Target data breach class action lawsuit.


July 23, 2014: A truck driver found documents containing social security and driver's license numbers next to a dumpster in South Carolina.


July 24, 2014: The names and social security numbers of some Payne County residents ended up in an Oklahoma City dumpster.


July 24, 2014: A Rhode Island hospital settled a data breach suit for $150,000.