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In the news this week

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July 28, 2014: A consumer privacy class action suit has been filed in the U.S. accusing eBay of failing to secure private info.


July 28, 2014: A federal judge dismissed a class action against Michaels after a data breach because plaintiffs couldn’t show monetary damages from the hacking.


July 29, 2014: A news anchor becomes an identity theft victim after human resources notified him of an unemployment claim.


July 29, 2014: The risk of becoming a data breach victim has increased to one in three from one in nine just four years ago.


July 30, 2014: A courier service loses patient records in Massachusetts.


July 30, 2014: Sony settles a data breach lawsuit for $15 million.


July 30, 2014: Sensitive documents and personal info were uncovered at Bay Area salvage yards.


July 31, 2014: South Korea strengthens information security by implementing punishments for companies that fail to protect customer data.


July 31, 2014: Riverside Health System was breached after an employee stole credit card info from cancer patients.