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In the news this week

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Sept. 8, 2014: "My medical records were found lying in a car park."


Sept. 8, 2014: Duke University Health System reports a data breach due to stolen thumb drive.


Sept. 8, 2014: Target files for a dismissal of a data breach suit in Minnesota.


Sept. 9, 2014: Dorn VA Medical Center faces a data breach after several boxes of patients' information went missing.


Sept. 10, 2014: What does the new European Commission mean for privacy and data protection?


Sept. 10, 2014: A Miami man is charged with mail and identity theft after he was caught stealing letters from mailboxes.


Sept. 10, 2014: Approximately 5 million Gmail passwords have been leaked.


Sept. 11, 2014: A central Utah clinic notifies patients of a 2012 data breach.


Sept. 12, 2014: Thousands of old medical files were found at an abandoned storage unit in Texas.