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NAID has content for members to use

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Sept. 30, 2014

Most readers are familiar with the concept of content marketing and its critical role in everything from search engine optimization to establishing subject matter expertise. The need to create industry-related content (e.g., blogs, e-bulletins or social media posts) has become so important that some NAID members even subscribe to content management services for help.

Whether a service is involved, NAID members can use any of the association’s content as fodder for their own marketing or educational content. There are any number of NAIDnotes posts on industry issues, paraphrased incidents reported in the NAID website newsroom and videos posted on NAIDTV, NAID’s YouTube channel, that can be linked or embedded. Anything NAID produces can be used as a source of content for the wide range of content needs members might have.

Also, if something original is required, NAID staff members can provide guest blog posts and articles. Such requests should be submitted with enough advanced notice and cannot include content that specifically promotes a single member’s business. Members with questions regarding the appropriate use of NAID content should contact NAID’s Director of Communications Kristina Carlberg at