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Exhibitors enthusiastic about NAID 2015

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Sept. 30, 2014

Maybe it is the central location and availability of low-cost airfare. Maybe it is because it is the association’s first major event in Dallas, Texas. Heck, maybe it is just because everything is bigger in Texas. Whatever the reason, industry exhibitors are excited for the upcoming NAID conference.

Exhibit sales are already well ahead of previous years with more than 80 percent of the available exhibit space sold six months prior to the event.

“Figuratively speaking, we’re down to a handful of exhibit spaces left to be sold,” said Tracy Tarlton, NAID Promotions Sales Manager. “It’s apparent that exhibitors are excited about a sense of general optimism in the industry but they’re also excited about the location as well as.”

Dallas may be the most easily accessible destination in North America, according to NAID Director of Programs and Events Jamie Hughes.

“Dallas has so many direct flights at reasonable rates and is a relatively short flight from just about anywhere in the country,” said Hughes. “With the venue only a short drive from the airport, travel to the event should be stress free.”

Tarlton said the exhibitors are excited because they understand the importance of location better than anyone.

“NAID’s exhibitors participate in many shows every year,” said Tarlton. “They know, better than anyone, that the location of an event is one of the most important factors both to control their transportation expense and for attracting attendees.”