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New membership directory allows custodial services searches

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Sept. 30, 2014

NAID custodial membership will soon be available to firms that temporarily take custody of information prior to its disposal using a NAID certified service provider. This category will allow records storage, imaging, billing, and transportation services to be recognized for their security while the information is in their possession as well as for their dedication to proper end-of-life destruction.

As part of that recognition, custodial members will also be listed on the new NAID membership directory when it goes live later this year. As previously described, the new membership directory will give users a higher degree of filtering as they look for the various services they seek. The introduction of custodial members to the directory will allow for the selection of those members’ services as well.

In the coming weeks, NAID certified members will receive a form describing the criteria under which related custodial services they offer such as records storage and imaging can be listed on the new directory. The notification to NAID AAA certified companies with information on how to list their related custodial services will be sent in mid-October.