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Certification renewal to be streamlined

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Oct. 16, 2014

With the new membership directory launch eminent, which is phase two of the NAID website overhaul, the NAID Certification Department is starting to streamline the recertification process.

“Technology has finally caught up with our requirements,” said NAID Chief Compliance Officer Holly Vandervort. “The new online recertification process will be more efficient for members as well as administration.”

As currently envisioned, the recertification portal will automatically populate with the member’s most recent application details, prompting updates only where needed. Further, new and current employees can be entered into the system in real time in between recertification events. This means there will be very little, if anything, to update at the time of recertification. It also means that information on the certified location will be accurate at almost any point in time.

Planners are still exploring options for allowing certified locations to grant access to clients in an effort to support client regulatory compliance monitoring. In the meantime, NAID management is asking for continued patience. 

“The project is no small undertaking and full implementation could take us well into the new year,” cautioned NAID CEO Bob Johnson. “The design and testing the system, combined with uploading historic information for each of the more than 1,000 certified locations is a herculean task.”