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In the news this week

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Oct. 20, 2014: A recent study finds that most small health care facilities are unprepared for a data breach.


Oct. 21, 2014: An Italian court ruled that data protection breaches do not automatically entitle plaintiffs to damages.


Oct. 21, 2014: Three people were arrested in a string of mailbox break-ins and mail thefts.


Oct. 21, 2014: What is your data worth?


Oct. 22, 2014: Consumers are divided on when and how to share personal information with organizations.


Oct. 22, 2014: Staples may have been breached, so should you cut up your credit cards?


Oct. 22, 2014: A former Miami Dolphin, who stole and sold thousands of identities, has been sentenced to 13 years in prison.


Oct. 23, 2014: Three people were indicted for stealing and selling SSNs.


Oct. 23, 2014: Presidential order aims to combat identity theft and data breaches.


Oct. 24, 2014: Health data breach lawsuits face an uphill battle in California.