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Director terms increase to three years

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Oct. 29, 2014

The NAID Board of Directors has approved an increase in the term of service for directors from two years to three years. The increased term applies to directors only and does not apply to the association’s five officers or vendor liaison position, which is a non-voting position.

The increase in terms of service required a bylaws amendment, which if ratified by members this spring. The change will take effect with the next installation of new directors in March 2015. The amendment does not affect any sitting board members nor does it change the term limits on directors, who will continue to be limited to only one term of service.

In sponsoring the amendment, President-Elect Steve Richards, CSDS, cited the need for greater continuity on the board. 

“By the time a director gets comfortable with the wide range of issues the board addresses, their term ends,” said Richards. “And, because they are limited to one term, we lose that acumen.”