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Speakers’ bureau outreach spawns interest

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Oct. 29, 2014

While it’s taken a little time, local chapters of ARMA, IFMA, ASIS and other buying groups are starting to contact Certified Secure Destruction Specialists (CSDS) who volunteered for the NAID CSDS Speakers’ Bureau.

“Having been the program chairperson for a number of these local organizations over the years, I knew it would take some time for our offers to make their way through the process, said NAID CEO Bob Johnson. “As their boards meet and discuss potential programs, we’re bound to see an increasing number of these opportunities pop up.”

As previously announced, NAID is contacting the local program chairs for more than 300 buying group chapters, offering CSDS accredited speakers for their monthly meetings. As a result of the campaign, NAID staff has also received offers to present at larger, regional events. NAID CEO Bob Johnson has accepted the opportunity to address the ARMA regional seminar hosted by the Kansas City Chapter next April.

With the CSDS Speakers’ Bureau promotion being positioned as an ongoing campaign, the association expects more opportunities for CSDS professionals to spread the word about proper destruction and vendor qualifications.