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NAID debunks misconceptions for members

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Dec. 3, 2014

Members often overlooked one important benefit to NAID membership: NAID staff can provide expert advice or clarification to customers suffering from misconceptions about their legal information destruction responsibilities and obligations.

Often times when the information originates from a credible, third party, it demonstrates the expertise of the member to their clients or prospects. Here’s how it works. A prospect claims they can comply with HIPAA simply be recycling instead of shredding. The NAID member calls or emails the NAID office and provides a staff member with the information or question from the prospect. A NAID staff member responds, providing compelling points to the contrary and detailed explanations.

Another example is a client is looking for a member to accept unlimited liability or requesting cybercoverage from the destruction provider. Again, by asking a simple question to NAID, the member gets an answer that will help the client understand why it is not advisable to request unlimited liability or why cybercoverage has no relevance in a secure destruction scenario.

The responses are personal and written in a way they are meant to be shared. If, as it sometimes happens, NAID staff members do not have answers, they will seek out an expert who would be willing to provide that guidance.

To use the service, send your questions to There is no additional fee to do so.