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Outreach, education high priorities for NAID in 2015

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Dec. 3, 2014

According to NAID CEO Bob Johnson, the association will make aggressive outreach and education a priority for 2015.

“NAID has always held to the premise that a well-informed customer is the best way to rid the marketplace of charlatans,” said Johnson. “It’s not really a job that is ever complete; however, there will always be someone trying to capitalize on misconceptions. Unfortunately, there’s still no shortage of misleading claims and misconceptions in the marketplace. As a result, our executive staff will be aggressively seeking opportunities to both present and publish information that help customers make better decisions.”

According to NAID President Chris Isabell of iSecure in Grants Pass, Ore., NAID’s deepening bench will enable the organization to dramatically strengthen its message.

“Bob has carried the message over the years with great zeal,” said Isabell. “Luckily, however, with staff like Chief Compliance Officer Holly Vandervort and Deputy Executive Director Ray Barry, not to mention the growing popularity of Shred School, and the CSDS Speakers Bureau, NAID has the capability to dramatically amplify that message.”

NAID speaking engagements can be found on the Upcoming Events page on NAID’s website.