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In the news this week

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Dec. 8, 2014: Two men were sentenced to prison after stealing the identities of 1,200 people.


Dec. 8, 2014: Bank agrees to pay $625,000 following large data breach.


Dec. 9, 2014: State agencies awash in documents, running out of space to store them, and unable to shred most of them.


Dec. 10, 2014: A doctor responsible for stealing the personal info of tens of thousands of patients was arrested.


Dec. 11, 2014: Alaska Mental Health Co. was fined $150,000 for a data breach in 2012.


Dec. 11, 2014: Target customers face the "no harm, no foul" argument in their lawsuit.


Dec. 12, 2014: A Canadian man is charged with several counts of fraud and identity theft after breaking into homes and stealing info.