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NAID launches new dashboard

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Jan. 22, 2015

On Jan. 12, NAID launched a new interactive member directory designed to improve previous deficiencies and attract more consumers to it.

“The previous membership directory listed all members serving a particular state or, if outside North America, a particular country,” said NAID CEO Bob Johnson. “The problem with the text listing was that it favored those coming first in the alphabet and customers had to look long and hard to find a member in their region of the state. The new dashboard allows customers to focus on the area they are looking for services, and, because of its increased filtering capability, they can limit the results to precisely the type of services and vendor qualifications they seek.”

Besides listing other custodial services for information management and data protection, the association is planning expand the sites usefulness to customers. Among the new search elements being consider is the capacity to enter a city, state, country, or postal code into a search box and showing the service radius when a user hovers over a particular member location.

While feedback has been positive, said Johnson, it has not been universal. 

“A small percentage of members have expressed concern with the dashboard, primarily because they’re uncomfortable with the new navigation,” said Johnson. “In those cases, a little handholding has resolved the issue.”