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NAIDnotes is one of industry’s most active blogs

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Jan. 22, 2015

Since its launch in August 2012, NAIDnotes has served as one of the most prolific RIM industry blogs available. Blog topics range from advice to service providers on sales, compliance and operation to blogs aimed intended to help customers with vendor selection and their internal compliance.

There are many blog entries that can be used by service providers in selling situations, according to NAID Deputy Executive Director Ray Barry.

“A recent post by Bob regarding the need for a destroy-all policy is a perfect example,” said Barry. “We all know it’s foolish for clients to leave the decision to destroy data to individual employees. It would be difficult for a customer to ignore the logic in Bob’s blog post, which makes the information in the post a great sales tool.”

Barry credits the success of NAID’s blog to Director of Communications Kristina Carlberg.

“Not only was it her brain child but she’s also an excellent steward,” said Barry. “It’s her job to keep me and Bob on track and to solicit outside contributors, both of which she does well.”

Barry is worried, however, that many members are overlooking the value of NAIDnotes.

“We know members are busy, but that’s really not a good excuse for ignoring such a valuable tool, which also happens to be the most active blog in our industry,” said Barry.