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Member input improves NAID dashboard

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Feb. 5, 2015

As expected, the association received some constructive feedback about its new member dashboard. Most of the comments came from members accustomed to using the directory to locate specific members.

“We get approximately 20,000 visitors to the directory month,” said NAID CEO Bob Johnson, “The vast majority of those are potential clients looking for services. The map works very well for locating companies in a specific market. We did not accurately consider the difficulty caused to those who might be looking for a specific company, however. Thanks to the feedback, we have addressed that issue now.”

Others found the navigation to be difficult, added Johnson, “so we simplified that as well.” Included among the remedies are the following:

  • The 3-D globe view was removed in favor of the simpler, faster, 2D map.
  • An “Optional Locator” was added, allowing visitors to enter a specific address or company name.
  • The “View Results” list now contains details of a service provider’s certification.

“Of course, there were some who simply wanted the old directory back,” added Johnson.

According to Johnson, that would be a step backwards.

“Unfortunately, that wouldn’t solve much. The list of members in any state or country is pretty long so a customer looking for services isn’t going to scroll down a long list. As a result, the old directory was inherently unfair to the vast majority of service providers,” said Johnson.

The association will soon launch an advertising campaign specifically designed to promote the dashboard as an integral tool in selecting and monitoring service provider qualifications. To learn more about the dashboard, click here to read the article in the winter 2015 edition of NAIDnews.