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In the news this week

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Feb. 2, 2015: A fire at a Brooklyn warehouse leaves records exposed.


Feb. 3, 2015: A Nottinghamshire ambulance service avoids a large fine for losing 42,000 medical records.


Feb. 4, 2015: UMass Memorial Medical Group is under investigation stemming from a major ‪‎data breach‬ last April.


Feb. 4, 2015: An identity theft ring stole personal information to forge checks, set up accounts and steal thousands of dollars.


Feb. 4, 2015: Indiana dentist to pay $12K after violating HIPAA laws by trashing patient records.


Feb. 5, 2015: Anthem announces a ‪‎data breach‬ of almost 80 million health‬ records.


Feb. 6, 2015: A receptionist at a dentist's office in New York stole patient information to purchase $700,000 worth of Apple gift cards.


Feb. 6, 2015: Ohio attorney general offers advice after major Anthem data breach‬.