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ISO audits accepted for NAID schedule audits

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Feb. 19, 2015

The NAID Board of Directors has authorized the optional use of ISO audits as a substitute for the scheduled audits in the NAID AAA Certification Program. Under the approved proposal, unannounced random and unannounced investigatory audits would continue to be conducted by NAID auditors.

This will have little impact in North America, according to NAID CEO Bob Johnson, but it could be a big advantage for members in other regions where ISO audits are commonly required for other reasons. According to the proposal, ISO auditors will have to verify with NAID that the standard was integrated and agree to provide NAID with a copy of the audit results.

“Requiring a scheduled audit prior to awarding certification and periodic audits afterward, is a critical aspect of our program,” said NAID Certification Rules Chair Eric Haas. “So is the ability to provide members and their clients with copies of actual audit results.”

Regardless of which option is used for the schedule audits, NAID still requires certified members to undergo unannounced, random audits.