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In the news this week

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Feb. 16, 2015: Members of Congress warn that an aging privacy statue isn't protecting student confidential info anymore.


Feb. 16, 2015: Minnesota lawmakers and privacy advocates say digital data should be treated the same as any other property.


Feb. 17, 2015: The financial industry backs ‪‎cybersecurity‬ and data breach‬ notification legislation.


Feb. 17, 2015: Medical records were found in a house at the Taranaki Building Removers' yard in New Zealand.


Feb. 19, 2015: An ex-Air Force sergeant pleads guilty to stealing identities of military personnel in San Diego.


Feb. 19, 2015: The Brazilian Ministry of Justice asks for public comment on Internet usage and data protection laws.


Feb. 20, 2015: An Austin man makes thousands dumpster diving and finds lots of confidential info in the process.


Feb. 20, 2015: The University of Maine is investigating a breach of student information.