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NAID members elect board officials

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March 25, 2015

On March 18 NAID members were elected to the 2015 NAID Board of Directors. More members voted in this election than any prior year. Congratulations to the following individuals who were elected to a seat on the board:

  • Don Adriaansen, CSDS; President-Elect
  • Angie Singer Keating, Treasurer
  • Don Gerard, CSDS; Director

These individuals will join President Steve Richards and Past President Chris Isabell on the board as well as the following directors who were recently elected in other NAID chapters: Paul Hurst representing NAID-ANZ; Amadeo Roig Casanova representing NAID-Europe; and Kristjan Backman, CSDS, representing NAID-Canada.

Shortly after the election results were announced, Eric Haas was appointed as the new secretary and Patrick DeVries, CSDS, stepped into the newly vacant director position. In addition, the following board members will continue their terms: Vladimir Vasak, Lucas Gilmore, and Dag Adamson. Leaving the board this year are Scott Fasken, Mike Massaro, Kevin Perry, Tony Tanti and John Anderson.

Richards expressed his thanks to all the candidates.

"We owe just as much to those whose campaigns were not successful," said Richards. "Their willingness to compete and serve the association is its ultimate source of thanks. All members owe them a debt of gratitude."

This was the third year NAID conducted an electronic vote, which allowed for a more convenient and easy balloting process. In the past, hard copy ballots were distributed, collected and counted at the annual NAID conference every year.