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Johnson speaks at Houston ARMA seminar

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April 15, 2015

NAID CEO Bob Johnson will speak at ARMA-Houston’s 2015 Conference next Tuesday and Wednesday at the Norris Conference Center in Houston, Texas. The Houston chapter of ARMA International is one of the largest in the association’s chapter network. Johnson’s presentation, “Compliant Vendor Selection Criteria,” will be given the morning of April 22.

Included among the topics Johnson will cover are the role of professional liability coverage, contract language that is often overlooked, and the increasing role of industry certifications.

“NAID members should take note that these professional organizations are seriously interested in information that helps them identify qualified vendors in compliance with the regulations.” said Johnson. “For qualified service providers, this a very encouraging sign.”

As previously announced, Johnson and NAID Deputy Executive Director Ray Barry have been actively promoting NAID’s position on vendor qualifications and the role of due diligence when selecting such service providers. The association also routinely reaches out to local chapters of a broad spectrum of associations promoting the CSDS Speakers’ Bureau.