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Call to arms: Help shape our industry

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April 15, 2015

Over the years, NAID has benefited from the volunteers who participate on committees and lead the organization.

“The beautiful part of an organization like NAID is that it is completely owned and operated by its members,” said NAID President Steve Richards, CSDS, of Richards & Richards in Nashville, Tennessee. “It is only through the contribution of these dedicated industry professionals that NAID has risen to its current status.”

NAID members are encouraged to continue with that tradition by adding their voice to one of the many service committees, councils and boards. Below are some suggestions of where help is needed currently. If you are interested, email NAID Committee Affairs Administrator Janet Huff at

For those just starting their NAID leadership involvement:

  • Public Relations Committee
  • Conference Committee

For those located in areas served by a regional chapter:

  • NAID-Canada
  • NAID-Europe
  • NAID-ANZ (Australia/New Zealand)

For those with a bit more NAID leadership experience:

  • Complaint Resolution Council
  • Certification Review Board
  • Certification Rules Committee
  • Certification Advocacy Committee

NAID involvement provides a real opportunity to improve the industry, advance your industry knowledge and move to more advanced leadership positions. If you have the time to contribute, we promise it will be rewarding.