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In the news this week

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May 4, 2015: Congress may reduce data breach‬ warning rules.


May 4, 2015: Save or shred‬? A guide to avoiding ‪identity theft‬ from CBS Money Watch.


May 5, 2015: Confidential medical records were found abandoned in a London recycling bin.


May 5, 2015: Identity theft‬ happens every two seconds, according to the University of Texas.


May 6, 2015: A judge tosses the eBay data breach‬ class action lawsuit, citing that plaintiffs "failed to prove they were tangibly injured by the hack."


May 8, 2015: Coco's responds to document dumping allegations in California.


May 8, 2015: The Illinois AG filed suit Tuesday against a Northbrook firm for dumping medical records.