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In the news this week

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May 11, 2015: An IRS investigator is indicted for tax fraud and ‪identity theft‬ after stealing personal info and preparing false tax returns.


May 11, 2015: Cyber security firm doctored ‪‎data breaches‬ to extort companies.


May 12, 2015: South Carolina ‪identity theft‬ and ‪‎data breach‬ laws keep consumers in the dark.


May 12, 2015: An IRS-affiliated site for charities was hit by a data breach‬.


May 13, 2015: Data breaches‬ are no longer just about financial information. Medical information is the new target for criminals.


May 14, 2015: Five men were indicted for collecting $2 million in tax refunds by mining personal info swiped from a data breach‬ in Oregon.


May 14, 2015: Sally Beauty confirms their systems were breached.