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Toronto Shred School to focus on emerging legislation

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May 28, 2015

According to NAID CEO Bob Johnson, Canadian lawmakers are looking at ways to improve data protection regulations.

“At both the national and provincial level, legislators in Canada are broadcasting that they will be making significant changes to current data protection and, in particular, data destruction requirements in the near term,” said Johnson. “This is great news for qualified service providers, especially those who are staying on top of these developments.”

Johnson’s comments come as he is developing a session about legislation specifically for the upcoming Shred School in Toronto.

Johnson added, “While the main goal of the session is to help attendees understand how current data protection laws can be used to help sales, there is no doubt that service providers who understand emerging legislative trends are more confident and better prepared to succeed.”

Included among the emerging legislative trends Johnson will discuss are the impact of breach notification, emerging definitions of destruction in proposed legislation, as well as the likelihood of prosecution and sanctions.

Shred School Toronto will be held June 17-18 at the Hampton Inn at the Toronto Airport. For more details or to register, please visit the Shred School website.