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In the news this week

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May 26, 2015: The ‪‎FTC‬ said it looks positively on cooperation when conducting investigations into data breaches‬.


May 26, 2015: A $19 million settlement between Target and MasterCard for last year's has been terminated.


May 26, 2015: Nearly four million users' information is at risk after a data breach‬ on Adultfriendfinder.


May 27, 2015: The ‪‎IRS‬ says thieves recently stole information from more than 100,000 taxpayers.


May 27, 2015: Hundreds of TSA badges are missing from U.S. airports.


May 28, 2015: Here's how much your personal data costs on the dark web.


May 29, 2015: "91% of health care organizations have had at least one data breach involving the loss or theft of patient data in the last two years, and 59% of their business associates experienced the same."