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ISO audits can substitute NAID scheduled audits

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June 11, 2015

The NAID Board of Directors has given their final approval to a provision of NAID certification that allows members to replace the biannual, scheduled, onsite NAID audits with ISO audits under certain conditions. Any member substituting the ISO audit for the NAID audit is still subject to NAID’s unannounced, onsite audits, which can happen anytime.

To do so, the ISO auditor must agree to evaluate policies and procedures, the physical environment and records documenting compliance with the NAID specifications. It also requires that he or she submit evidence and findings of his or her audit on a special form created for that purpose.

The advantage for those already undergoing an ISO audit is that the application fee is significantly lower and they can save time and resources by avoiding two separate audits. Members interested in using ISO audits to fulfill the scheduled portion of the NAID certification requirement should contact Katie Mahoney, NAID Director of Certification Operations, at