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In the news this week

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June 15, 2015: A "dramatic jump" in the number of ‪data breaches‬ reported was recorded in the Privacy Commissioner of Canada's annual report.


June 16, 2015: Personal documents and social security numbers were found in a dumpster behind Orlando law firms.


June 16, 2015: The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) data breach‬ keeps getting worse.


June 17, 2015: Recent ‪breaches‬ shine light on business associate issues.


June 18, 2015: Judge rules that former Sony employees can sue over last year's ‪data breach‬.


June 18, 2015: A NJ bill requires mobile shredders to be NAID certified and all material be sent to DEP-approved recycling outlets.


June 18, 2015: A couple is suspected of stealing personal information from Cuesta College.


June 19, 2015: Private information was found in a California dumpster.