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NJ mobile hard drive shredding initiative achieves milestone

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June 25, 2015

A NAID initiative has reached an important milestone. The initiative involved NAID members lobbying to remove restrictions that limit mobile shredders’ from offering hard drive destruction in New Jersey.

On Monday, June 15, at a hearing about NAID’s proposed legislation that would remove the environmental licensing requirement for shredding hard drives passed the bipartisan Senate Committee by a unanimous vote. The proposed amendment to current legislation faced some opposition from some industry business leaders; however, it did not receive opposition from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and several environmental groups who were also present at the hearing.

Recently, this proposed amendment also gained sponsors in the New Jersey State Assembly and Senate.

“NAID has always maintained that the decision between mobile service providers and plant-based service providers is a customer preference,” said NAID CEO Bob Johnson. “The association’s willingness and capability to act in these situations is an important part of this legislation’s success. Often, we’re the only ones doing so, which is exactly what happened here where we are defending the rights of mobile service providers.”