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In the news this week

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June 22, 2015: An employee theft has exposed 12,517 patients of the Montefiore Health System to a data breach‬.


June 22, 2015: A California women has been indicted on 66 ‪identity theft‬ charges.


June 23, 2015: The OPM hack quadruples to 18 million records effected.


June 23, 2015: Hundreds of YMCA personnel files were found in a Pennsylvania trash bin.


June 24, 2015: What are the data breach‬ notification laws in your state?


June 25, 2015: While data breaches‬ are becoming more sophisticated, identity thieves still rely on stealing mail and ‪‎dumpster diving‬.


June 25, 2015: 84% of Americans want to be notified immediately of a ‪‎data breach‬.