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Progress continues in New Jersey

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July 9, 2015

Monday, June 27, the New Jersey State Senate approved SB 2978, which removes unnecessary environmental licensing to shred electronic storage devices such as hard drives.

NAID leaders view the restriction as an ongoing obstacle to mobile service providers in the region. The unanimous 40-0 vote comes only two weeks after the state’s Senate Environmental Committee approved the bill, paving the way for it to proceed to the state senate vote on Monday. NAID CEO Bob Johnson said the degree and momentum of bipartisan support for the amendment is a good sign.

“New Jersey is the only state in the union that requires such licensing to shred hard drives,” said Johnson. “Regulators there have been quick to recognize that barriers to competition as well as unnecessary red tape impede economic development and data protection.”

Before becoming law, a similar amendment must pass in the New Jersey Assembly. Johnson said there is no definite timeline for that, but that all signs favor a similar outcome in the future. NAID will continue its advocacy for the amendment throughout that process.

NAID has a long history of advocating for the advancement of the secure destruction industry. 

“It’s just one more example of the power that comes from concentrating industry resources on an important issue,” added Johnson.