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Board to review strategy, approve budget

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July 9, 2015

The NAID Board of Directors will meet near Nashville, Tennessee Aug. 2-4 to discuss strategic planning and to approve related projects for the next year.

Among the projects slated for consideration are a new website, automation of the certification application process, intensified advertising, and management alternatives to shape the associations growing presence in Australia and Asia. The board will also evaluate current management structures of chapters in Canada and Europe.

“From a strategic perspective, it is hard to image the association being on more solid footing,” said NAID President Steve Richards, CSDS, of Richards & Richards in Nashville, Tennessee. “Both membership and certification are growing, regulatory advocacy continue to be a major strength, and our management team continues to excel.”

Richards is quick to add that there is always room for improvement and the board has no intention of resting on the association’s laurels.

“In the face of consolidation, electronic media destruction, information governance issues, and the continuing need for customers to validate service provider qualifications, the industry needs a strong association as much or more than ever,” added Richards. “And, from a regulatory standpoint, secure destruction still gets the short end of the stick. If I had to boil it down to one thing, it would be consumer awareness. Customers need better information and better protections. That’s where everything will focus.”