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NAID CEO E-Scrap article is also sales tool

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August 27, 2015

The upcoming edition of E-Scrap magazine features an article by NAID CEO, Bob Johnson titled “Joined at the Hip,” where he outlines the unique legal linkage between data protection service providers and their clients responsible for protecting regulated data.

“Unlike the vast majority of customer-vendor relationships, Customers who are legally responsible to protect regulated data are held legally responsible for the actions of those they trust downstream,” says Johnson. “Since their fates are bound legally, they need to treat each other as partners. This provides a great opportunity for service providers who are able to identify and fill that role.”

Johnson adds that he feels articles like this are great selling tools which is why he writes them.

“Most customers are not aware of the fact that they are legally joined at the hip to vendors they trust to protect regulated data,” says Johnson. “If they were, they would make sure they only dealt with services that appropriately address that linkage. The information in this article is meant to help customers see that.”

Click here to access “Joined at the Hip.”