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What Would You Say to Clients?

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Sept. 15, 2015

NAID CEO Bob Johnson has accepted an invitation to submit a feature article to a buying-group magazine read by thousands of decision makers explaining what qualified data destruction service providers would tell them but are afraid of offending them. The working title is “Don’t Shoot the Messenger."

According to Johnson it provides an unprecedented opportunity.

“Every qualified service provider has been in a situation where they have held their tongue for fear of offending prospect or client,” says Johnson. “Sometimes it’s as simple as telling that a competitor is lying; other times it might be pointing out the stupidity of giving every employee the decision on what should be shredded.” 

Johnson adds, “I might start with reminding them ‘It is actually illegal to select a service provider on price alone.’”

Among the other bad behavior Johnson will critique are not verifying the proper professional liability coverage is in place, and holding different security standards internally than they do for vendors.

NAIDDirect readers are invited to help. Johnson has started a NAID LinkedIn Group discussion titled, What would you say to customers if you only could?

Please click here to join in and add your suggestion. Johnson will be looking for additional ideas and you might learn something by reading what your colleagues would say ...if they only could.