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Shred School is only for those seeking to grow their business

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Sept. 15, 2015

When NAID CEO Bob Johnson opens Shred School, he starts by claiming that the market for secure destruction services is not as competitive as most service providers think.

“If all you are is a company that happens to own a piece of equipment and brings  nothing else to the party, and yes, there are plenty of companies like that” says Johnson, “But if, you are willing to do a few simple things that make your company more than that, the marketplace is wide open.”

Johnson also says that “most competitors are not willing to do what it takes, which makes it that much easier for those who do.”

There are still a number of opportunities to attend Shred School this year. It rolls into San Antonio later this month, followed by San Diego and Orlando after that.

Bob Johnson and Ray Barry continue to be the primary trainers with lots of support from the event’s contributing sponsors as well.

“What I like most about Shred School,” says Johnson, ‘is that you know you are in a room of people willing to invest in themselves as professionals. It’s a small club but it’s the heart of our industry and NAID.”

Visit the Shred School website to learn more or register.