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NAID 2015: Session Spotlight: Building a Successful National Sales Network

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October 20, 2015

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last year, you know there’s been a major shift in the market regarding national service providers. The merger of Shred-it and CINTAS and the “announced-in-principle” acquisition of Recall by Iron Mountain will ultimately leave two national firms where there once were four. It’s common knowledge that name changes and other integration issues often put a significant percentage of customers in play. The market enters a state of flux and the rewards often go to the quick and nimble local provider.

In addition, customers seeking a national service provider have fewer options. Two options still provide a choice by definition but if the market previously sustained four choices, it’s logical to think a tightly built national network could get some traction.

But here’s the rub, and maybe why the remaining national firms might not be so concerned, building a network of independent service providers that can successfully attract regional and national contracts is really, really hard to do. 

...But it has been done….  And, the fact that it has been done means we can identify what it takes to be successful.The Information Protection Services Association (IPSA) built a network of NAID Certified service providers and that experience provides many lessons on what to do and what not to do. The National Record Centers (NRC) has provided independent box storage companies the ability to compete for national and regional business for decades. Beyond that, there are several members who have built their own network of subcontractors to serve the national needs of a local customer.

Here’s a sample of the questions to be addressed:

  1. What does the contract with customer look like?
  2. What does the contract between the partners look like?
  3. What scares customers away?
  4. What about insurance?
  5. What about pricing in diverse markets
  6. What happens when a partner sells?
  7. What legal structure is best and what structures aren’t legal in the first place?


Anyone...ANYONE! the secure destruction industry who wants to learn what it takes to either build or be part of a national network of service providers that can effectively compete for large accounts will leave this session knowing what it takes to succeed and why most efforts to do so fail.

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