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New Jersey hard drive restriction one step closer to removal

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Nov. 19, 2015

NAID is happy to announce that New Jersey Senate bill 2978 which would remove the restriction on the mobile destruction of hard drives without a permit from the New Jersey Dept. of Environmental Protection (DEP) has been unanimously approved by the State Assembly’s Environment & Solid Waste Committee 7-0. This overwhelming outcome follows a similar victory several months earlier when a similar Senate committee voted unanimously in favor of removing the restriction.

As a result, the bill will now ascend to the full State Assembly for a final vote, hopefully within the coming month.

Though the change specifically benefits mobile destruction services, NAID CEO Bob Johnson says the entire industry benefits from NAID’s involvement.

“NAID has a long history of advocacy on the right side of data protection. Even though our efforts here directly benefit mobile service providers serving New Jersey market, it shows NAID’s willing to step up where needed and the value of concentrating the industry resources to create a strong voice for all.”

“No one is celebrating yet,” adds Johnson. “We are optimistic and results so far are encouraging, however, the work continues.”