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NAID redefines responsible disposal of destroyed hard drives

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Nov. 19, 2015

The NAID board of directors has approved a change to the Responsible Disposal requirements for the final disposition of shredded hard drives. From this point forward, remnants of shredded or destroyed hard drives must ultimately go to a facility that is ISO 14001 registered which indicates the materials are handled in an environmentally responsible manner after destruction.  NAID is allowing time to implement this requirement. Members for whom compliance is impractical will be given due consideration.

There are many metals and electronics recyclers that are ISO 14001 in most markets. NAID is currently working to provide a list of such outlets.

An updated version of the Agreement for Responsible Disposal can be accessed by clicking here.


PLEASE NOTE CORRECTION: In the email notifying members of this modification, the required standard for those receiving discarded hard drives was referenced as ISO 14000. The reference should have read 14001. We apologize for any confusion caused by this mistake.