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NAID selects MemberSuites as platform for database management

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December 23, 2015

One of the ambitious NAID initiatives for 2016 is to significantly automate how members interact with the association, including, most notably, the streamlining of applying for and renewing NAID Certification.

The association has taken an important step in that direction last week, when it signed an agreement with MemberSuite, Inc. to provide the underlying database management software necessary to support the initiative.

“It is a big investment and it will give members access to tools that will allow them to manage their entire profile,” said NAID Director of Finance Michele Goodman.

“Because a lot of groundwork was completed in anticipation of this development, implementation can move forward almost immediately,” says NAID CEO Bob Johnson. “We are planning on a roll out by mid-year.”

The initiative also calls for a major upgrade of website functionality, which will ultimately improve the member experience.

There are many planned enhancements that will also allow customers to better interact with NAID as well as select and monitor service providers.