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Members cautioned on misuse of NAID trademarks

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January 14, 2016

Unfortunately, even after all these years, the NAID Complaint Resolution Council (CRC) continues to prosecute ethics complaints about members who are falsely claiming NAID Certification. As a result, the CRC has asked headquarters to remind members that it will continue to hold offenders responsible regardless of the cause of the misuse.

“It is common for those falsely displaying the NAID Certification logo to blame it on a service provider such as web designer or graphic artist,” says CRC Chairman Cory Tomczyk of IROW in Mosinee, Wis. “But that doesn’t help the consumer that is seeing false information or the other NAID Certified companies in the area. All businesses are responsible for the actions of their vendors and have a responsibility to check their work to make sure it is accurate.”

To avoid the increasingly high fines that come from misusing trademarks, members are asked be very careful when relying on outside services to design brochures, websites and advertisements.

“I think we all understand we have responsibility to review the public-facing work our contractors produce,” adds Tomczyk. “Data protection regulators hold customers responsible for the mistakes of their vendor precisely so they will pay attention to the rules. It’s the same principle we use.”