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“Don’t shoot the messenger,” says NAID CEO to Info. Mgmt. Magazine

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Feb. 16, 2016

The March edition of Information Management magazine, ARMA International’s flagship publication, will be out in a couple weeks featuring an article by NAID CEO Bob Johnson.

Submitted under the working title “Don’t Shoot the Messenger,” the article describes what data destruction service providers are often reluctant to tell customers for fear of offending them. As the article points out, the unfortunate outcome of that reluctance is that customers end up not hearing what they need to hear.

According to Johnson, “When I write articles, my goal is to put important information into the market in a way that helps members educate the customer and grow their businesses. It is my hope they will use this article for many years to help their customers make good choices.”

Johnson also says many NAID members helped write the article.

“I asked NAID’s LinkedIn group, now over 1,800 strong, to share the most common customer mistake they have difficulty discussing with customers.

Johnson used that input and his years of experience to create the final list.

1.   Quit letting every employee decide what information should be destroyed.

2.   You should have the same consistently high standards for the destruction of all types of media.

3.   You need to align your service provider’s liability with their professional indemnification.

4.   Let the service provider do the two simple things that can insulate your organization from the consequences of a data breach.

5.   It is illegal to select a service provider on price alone.

6.   You cannot afford to ignore the fact that IT assets go missing.

Of course, Johnson’s explanation of why customers need to take these points seriously is the meat of the article. Thousands of information management professionals will have a lot to think about when the article is published on March 7.  And members will have new sales tool.