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First NAID AAA Certification awarded in Japan

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March 29, 2016

Okinawa-based Pacific Logistics has become the first NAID member in Japan to achieve NAID Certification.

Mike Maggard, founder and owner of the company says he is proud of the accomplishment and excited that it signifies the beginning of a new era in data destruction in that country.

“Secure destruction is not as common or appreciated in Japan as it is in other markets,” say Maggard. “However, with new data protection regulations going into effect, we already see the potential for a dramatic increase in demand. We believe it is important to get NAID’s high standards in place because of the message it sends to the emerging marketplace.”

According to NAID CEO Bob Johnson, it is likely that this will become a trend.

“There are close to 30 member locations in Japan already and there is a lot of excitement about the new laws and the growing opportunity,” says Johnson. “The more forward-thinking service providers, like Pacific Logistics, understand that the quicker they can establish standards, the more likely they will reap the benefits over the short and long term.”

There are approximately 1,000 NAID AAA Certified locations globally, including Australia, Canada, China, Iceland, Ireland, Japan,  the Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, South Africa, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.