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Flier modified to help customers evaluate certifications

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March 29, 2016

Last year, NAID created a flier to explain the depth and integrity of the NAID Certification program. The reasoning being that customer often don’t understand that NAID AAA Certification actually fulfills their due diligence requirements.

Recently, however, members have asked for tool that prompts prospective customers to evaluate the certification compared others in the electronic or hard copy destruction arena. 

“Of course, it is up to customers to select the certification they feel best serves their needs,” says NAID Certification Chair Eric Haas of Wisconsin-based A.R.M.S., Inc. “NAID members’ responsibility is to make sure those customers are making an informed decision.”

To help members fulfill that responsibility, two versions of the NAID Certification flier are now available and can be found on the certification section of the NAID website.

Both versions are also linked below as well.

Flier promoting features of NAID Certification

Flier to compare NAID Certification with other certifications