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NAID CEO’S Speaking and Publishing “Dance Card” Continues to Grow

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As previously announced, NAID CEO Bob Johnson’s public speaking appearances schedule is pretty full this fall.  Within the next few months, Johnson will speak at the IAPP Privacy Academy, the 2012 International Electronic Refurbishers Conference, at Total Training’s Owners and Sales Forum, and as a keynote at the 2012 BareMetal Data World 2011.

In between speeches, Johnson will also be busy writing articles. He currently has 3 of them slated for e-Scrap magazine, in Connexions magazine, (Medical Group Management Assn), and ITAK (IT Asset Managers Assn) over that same period of time.

“It sounds more difficult than it is,” says Johnson, “I only have one message for everyone. The message that the future success of data-related services, including IT asset management services, data destruction services, and information storage services, will depend upon their qualifications and their ability to help clients comply with policy development and training as required by current data protection regulations.”