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NAID-Canada looking for committee members

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April 28, 2016

Even with over 100 industry professionals currently volunteering on various NAID committees, there is always a place for someone who wants to get more involved. Almost everyone who has ever served on the NAID Board of Directors started by working on one of the task forces, councils or committees.

At this time, NAID-Canada is actively seeking involvement from volunteers with operations in the country. Over the years, this region has taken the lead on many innovative programs, including the first Disposal Habits Study and Consumer Attitude Surveys. NAID-Canada has also taken a very proactive role with the Provincial as well as the national privacy officials.

Generally, committee involvement requires one hour a month on a conference call where they provide opinions and guidance on any number of evolving opportunities.

According to NAID President Don Adriaansen (TITAN Mobile Shredding/Doylestown, Penn.) everything starts with the committees.

“These smaller working groups serve an integral role in how the association functions,” says Adriaansen, “They are largely responsible for recommending initiatives and projects for board consideration. The elected board makes the final decision but the ideas come from the committees.”

Regardless of the committee, volunteers generally find that the small investment of time comes back many times over.

Readers interested in joining the NAID-Canada Committee or any other committee, should contact Janet Huff at