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Shred School curriculum set

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May 31, 2016

A tentative curriculum has been established for the 5 Shred School events to be held across the United States between July and October. According to planners, these events represent the most ambitious concentration of industry education since NAID took over Shred School. It also represents the broadest representation of presenters. While NAID CEO Bob Johnson and industry veteran Ray Barry will again provide the backbone of the content, a wide range of event sponsors will contribute educational content based on their years of experience and dealings with hundreds of secure destruction services over decades of industry involvement.

As with previous years, sessions will be fast paced and focus on delivering the useful, immediately applicable knowledge geared to a wide cross section of rank and file staff members.

For more information, updates or to register, visit

2016 Shred School Sessions

  • Most Common Mistakes (2016 Edition)
  • RIM Industry Speak: Crucial Terms and Concepts
  • By the Numbers: Success Starts by Knowing Your True Costs
  • The Relevance and Application of Data Protection Regulations in Sales
  • The Relevance and Application of Data Protection Regulation in Operations
  • Classifying Prospects: As Easy as ABCD
  • Inexpensive Events that Increase Sales
  • How to Land a National Account when you’re a Small Company
  • Turning on the Internet Faucet: 2017 Rules for getting and Converting Leads
  • Outside of the Box: Beyond the Bin and Console
  • Too Soon? How and When to Present Your Proposal
  • How to Effectively Limit Contractual Liability
  • Point A to Point B: Routing strategies that pay dividends
  • Developing Your Own Needs Analysis: Change the Conversation