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NAID Europe Summit - Registration Open

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June 30, 2016 

NAID-Europe will hold its first meeting in three years with the ambitious theme; Getting to a Higher Level. The event will give industry professionals the long-overdue opportunity to renew discussions and friendships with like-minded colleagues.

“The one thing no one disputes is that NAID-Europe represents the best secure destruction services in the region,” says NAID CEO Bob Johnson. “It is no wonder that these professional have more in common with each other than with those less serious about security.”

NAID leadership will use the opportunity to present its new strategy for confronting challenges faced by its European members and to introduce them to the new alternatives for using their ISO audits to achieve NAID Certification.

“It is important that we form a clear sense of community within our industry,” said NAID Director and NAID-Europe Chairman Amadeo Roig Casanova. “It is only through our combined efforts that we can have a meaningful impact.”

The event will be held 13-14 October in Barcelona, Spain. The first day is optional and includes golf and a tour of a local winery. Educational sessions will be held on the second day beginning at 10 a.m.

Readers are encouraged to visit the NAID-Europe Summit website for complete details or to register.

Please contact conferences@naidonline.orgwith can questions.