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Medical Waste Management Association launched

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July 28, 2016 

The Board of Directors of the Medical Waste Management Association(MWMA) are proud to announce the organization’s official launch.

NAIDDirect readers who own or work for companies that transport or process are encouraged to visit the association’s new website where they can learn more and join.

While MWMA is a stand alone organization, it has a strong crossover appeal to the secure destruction industry due to the large number of members entering that business as well as the potential for common regulatory overlap under evolving HIPAA requirements.

MWMA membership is open to service providers (Active Membership), industry suppliers (Association Membership), and professionals within the healthcare sector responsible for biological and medical waste for their organizations (Professional Membership).

LIMITED TIME OFFER: During the launch phase of the organization, the one-time Initiation Fee of $600 is being permanently waived for founding members.

Interested readers are encouraged to visit the MWMA website and join today.

Please forward any questions to email Sara Berntgen at